Dealing with Pubic Pain

Through the Pre-/Post-Natal Holy Yoga Instructor Training, I often am asked about pubic symphsis pain. This is caused when the pelvis moves apart during pregnancy to allow the head of a baby to move through the pelvis. For most women, the pelvis moves back together after pregnancy; however, for some women, they still continue to have separation, which results in pain during many wide-legged yoga postures.

Below are some tips to help “heal” pubic symphasis issues: (I use the word “heal” loosely because you can’t realign the joints once separated).

1. Focus on proper alignment. This means stacking your pelvis over your heels and not the front of the feet, and having your pubic bone, the front of the ASIS (hip bone) and the lower ribs all vertical aligned with one another when standing and horizontally aligned when lying on the floor.

2. Check for a diastasis recti? Watch this video to see if you have one. The transverse abdominal muscles play a large role in keeping the pelvis in alignment and stable. Use the following videos to start working on strengthening your transverse abdominal muscles. Video 1- transverse work on the floor. Video 2–transverse work in a chair

3. Start doing squats. How you do a squat is the important element to this, though. Here are two blog posts that are helpful in explaining squats. Blog 1 and blog 2.

4. Read this research article You may want to purchase a belt to wear during exercise to keep the pubic bone in place as mentioned in this article.

5. Listen to your body. Our bodies know what is right for them and what is not. Start to recognize the movements or exercises that cause you pain. Give yourself permission to skip them for now until your body is healed. Accepting your body as it is can be the first step in recovery and healing.


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