Fitness with Minimal Footwear

Since becoming a Health Foot Practitioner with the Restorative Institute, I have been conscientious of transitioning to shoes with no heel or with a minimal heel.

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(The pictures on the right are an example of minimalist footwear due to the decreased height in heel height.)

When I was at the Revelation Wellness retreat, I wore minimal shoes the entire time. I wasn’t sure if my body would respond positively or negatively to this new change in the alignment of my body. Surprisingly, my body has embraced this new way of moving.


How do you transition to minimal footwear?


  1. Evaluate the state of your feet now? Do you normally wear shoes with a 1-inch heel? 2 inches?
  2. Next find one pair of shoes you would like to replace and purchase the new shoe with a ½ inch smaller heel.
  3. Allow your body/feet adequate time to embrace these new shoes and heel height.
  4. Then purchase another pair of shoes with an even smaller heel. Repeat until all your shoes are those with minimal to no heels.

The biggest mistake people make when transitioning to minimal shoes is going from regularly wearing 1½ to 2-inch heels for over five years and then dropping to a shoe with no heel. Our bodies need time to transition, especially the muscles of our legs. Heels create shortened muscles in the legs, so when you go to no heels, these muscles will now require lengthening. Depending on how long you have been wearing heels, these muscles may not have been lengthened in years or decades.

As you drop your heels, the alignment of your body will start to shift. Your pelvis will come into a more neutral position, which will help with the alignment of your spine, organs, and overall health and functionality of your body.

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2 Responses to Fitness with Minimal Footwear

  1. Tina Holtzman says:

    question for you! I have relatively flat feet and have difficulty wearing flat shoes for any length of time. my arch, or lack thereof, really hurts . If I am on my feet too long, I even get to the point that I cannot walk any longer due to extreme pain. I’ve been to a podiatrist and had special inserts, nothing has helped. I’d love to convert to minimalist shoes though! Any suggestions or something that can help?

    • Tina, have you watched my foot video blogs yet? All of those will help your feet. Flat feet are the result of weak muscles. The muscles of your feet create the arch, so once you start to strengthen then they will start to appear. Just like when you do bicep curls to make your biceps stronger. I was diagnosed with falling arches 10 years ago, I now have no problems with my feet at all. I would also be willing to work with you one on one. I offer skype session with people.

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