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My son is three years old. Every time I take him to his Well Baby visit, he has fluid in his ears and the doctor asks me if he has had any ear infections. Surprisingly, he has never had an ear infection in his life. When his doctor first told me about this, I started to do some research about fluid in children’s ears.

Through this research I discovered a few things:

1. Children can have sensitivities to dairy, which can cause them to build up fluid in their ears.

2. There are tiny bones that intersect by the ear. If any of these tiny bones are out of alignment, it can prevent fluid from properly draining.


Photo taken from http://www.family-wellness.com/pediatric-health-ear-infections/

3. Chiropractic care can greatly alleviate fluid in a child’s ear by re-aligning these bones.

4. Many kids become misaligned in their necks (which influences their ears) due to falling and their pillows.



Over the last two years, we have been making changes to try to minimize the fluid in his ears, as it could contribute to speech and hearing issues as he ages. I am so happy to report that during his last Well Baby visit, the doctor said he saw minimal to no fluid in his ears. The changes we made for him were eliminating cow’s milk in his diet along with cottage cheese and yogurt. We also take him regularly to the chiropractor and switched out his pillow. Through this process, I was blown away at how critical alignment is to the health of a child’s ear. Misalignment affects the body at all ages.

More to come on neck health and pillows in another blog post.

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