Growing Taller

I have always been “5, 4 ½.” Yes, that half an inch is very important. On September 3rd, my husband measured me as standard birthday protocol in our house. As he leveled the knife on the top of my head and then put the tip to the wall, he paused. (Yes, I know a ruler is much safer. I have no idea why we use a knife, but we do.) He said, “you grew.” And then proceeded to tell me to stand against the wall again so he could re-measure me. The re-measurement showed that at age 32, I am now “5 4 ¾”. Oh, yes, I’ve grown ¼ of an inch! This may seem kind of silly, but not to me. To me this ¼ of an inch means that all my hard work on my neck and spinal alignment is paying off. At a whole body level, this means less compression on my spine and the thousand blood vessels and nerves of my lower body, which translates into better digestion, decreased PMS symptoms, decrease in various veins forming, better overall circulation, and less leg cramps.

Growing taller may be a silly thing to strive for; however, its positive impact on your body is not silly at all.


(Below is the picture of our wall to prove my height increase.)

growing taller

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Believer that anyone at any age and with any abilities can move their body. Foot & Core Expert. Alignment Nerd. Yoga/Fitness Instructor & Trainer. Mother of 4 active children.
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2 Responses to Growing Taller

  1. sara says:

    That is cool Christina! I am really inspired by your journey and I realize that I have many similar dysfunctions in my body, so it is great to see how you are approaching them. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Sarah Fries says:

    Whoah! Congrats on the growth spurt/realignment!
    That happened to me on my annual exam in October!
    Usually I’m 5′ 3 1/2″- yes, I agree that the 1/2 inch is important.
    The nurse measured me in my stocking feet — twice– and came up with 5′ 4 1/4″. And my hair was contained.
    I don’t understand, but I’m not complaining!

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