Knee Locker

I am a compulsive knee locker. I am also a compulsive knee bender. Does this confuse anyone else, or is it just me?  I thought that the way to prevent locking your knees was to softly bend your knees; however, I have discovered you can still lock the knee caps in a bent knee position.  Anatomically, the quadriceps engage the patella upward, so you are essentially lock your knee caps.


This chronic holding pattern of having my knees locked (patella lifted) and thighs engaged explains so much about how my body has felt over the last 10 years. At times my knees give out or bother me. My quadriceps are always tired. Well, you would be tired too if you never got an opportunity to rest?

For the last month, I have been trying to learn how to disengage my quads all the time and straighten out my legs. To learn how to disengage the quads, watch this video.

While going through this process, I realized that my left leg has a much more difficult time letting go, which explains why my left knee and hip bother me much more than my right.

These chronic holding patterns will eventually lead me to further joint issues and possible knee replacement or even osteoporosis.

I wish every compulsive knee locker and knee bender much success in changing this chronic holding pattern.

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