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Many of you were intrigued by my posted about having a tilted uterus, so I thought I’d follow up with a review of how my first appointment with a Maya Abdominal Massage Therapist went.   (My first appointment with her was over a year ago.) My massage therapist hypothesized that my uterus was resting on my bladder.  In fact, my uterus was on my pubic bone–not 1 ½ inches above my pubic bone which is anatomically correct.  My uterus is also titled forward instead of being in the center of my body.  And lastly, it is off to the left side of my body.  This brought so many things into light—this is why I have to go to the bathroom so much and this is why I carried my babies on the left side of my body.

As she started to massage my stomach, she did sweeping motions to lift the uterus. Then she went to my diaphragm—wow, was there tension.  I couldn’t believe it.  My massage therapist said that this area is where we hold emotions.  As she did sweeping motions over this area a particular person came to mind.  Over the last several months, I have been emotionally affected one specific person who was a close friend of mine but suddenly walked away from our friendship.  Whenever someone mentions this person to me a host of emotions well up inside me.  This is not good; but prior to this moment I have not know how to stop it.   As she was massaging this area I clearly heard God say, “You can stop being emotionally attached to this person.”  My response was—“ok.”  I then had peace in this situation.

As she finished the massage on my abdominal area my back started to feel very tight—it was as though all the releases of tension in the front of my body were being redirected to my back.

I then explained the tightness in my back, so she had me turn over.  She discovered that my QL (quadratus lumborum) on my right side was extremely tight, which would make sense as the ligaments that support the uterus are attached to this muscle.  This muscle is over worked and tight because it is being stretched and pulled to try to bring symmetry back into my body.

Prior to my leaving my appointment, she taught me how to do the self-care massage techniques which will take me about 3-5 minutes daily to accomplish. .  I am so glad that I gave Maya Abdominal Massage a chance.

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