Menstrual Cycle…Hate? Love? Dread? Tolerate?

How do you feel about your menstrual cycle?  Love it?  Hate it?  Dread it?  Embrace it?

I would venture to say 90% of women would respond with “hate it” or “dread it”.  Why do we feel that way?  Is this pattern of thought destroying who we are as women?  Are there some people who really love their periods?  Yes!  I happen to be one of them—I didn’t used to feel that way but I do now.  My whole view on menstruation was that it was dirty, needed to be hidden, that you push through it and you suffer through it.  I now see how negative that view was and how that negative view was affecting me as a women, wife, lover, and mother.

God created menstruation–but for many it is not seen as anything God given nor blessed.

My hope is to help women embrace menstruation as God designed it, to not see it as something to endure but as something to honor and cherish.

We were created as bleeding women for a reason.  This is the whole reason why I am so passionate about women’s issues.

One of the products that has helped me learn to love my period is the Diva Cup. This great little device can be worn from 8-12 hours before it needs to be emptied, it is reusable so you aren’t dumping anything into the trash, it doesn’t contain harsh chemicals, and it is easy to use.

diva cup

If you are a Diva Cup wearer, please share your stories here.  I would love to hear how this has changed your menstrual cycle for the better.

If you are NOT a Diva Cup wearer, I challenge you to try it.  You and your body just might like it.

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2 Responses to Menstrual Cycle…Hate? Love? Dread? Tolerate?

  1. Heather Johnson says:

    Ok so I totally agree about the God-given part and that it should be celebrated as part of being a woman. YAY! I am going to teach my daugther, and my sons, to appreciate the creation of God.

    I’m skeptical about the diva cup….it kinda frreaks me out…can you explain at bit more??? I’d love to go more natural/no chemical/no trash, etc, but just don’t get it 🙂

    Thanks, friend 🙂


    • The Diva Cup is insert similar to a diaphragm. Once inside it opens to to create a little cup to collect the flow. You remove it by pulling on a little piece of plastic, much like pulling out a tampon. You then dump the flow in to the toilet and flush it away. The Diva Cup is then rinsed with soap and reinserted. It is a little tricky to get it in the right place at first. I had to cut the tip off of mine a little more and then it fit a lot more comfortably. I hope that helps. If you give it a try, let me know how it goes!

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