My Case Against Pillows

About two years ago, I ditched my pillow because I discovered that it was causing 90% of my neck issues. (Click HERE to read more about how pillows affect your alignment when you sleep).

I have learned that pillows are good at one thing, putting the neck out of alignment.

Now that I know what I know, I have a case against pillows. I wish pillows were not in my house—but they are. My almost 6-year-old loves her cat pillow and has been using a pillow for over four years. When she was younger I didn’t know what I know now.

Well, now I do know better.

I recently made my three youngest children their own pillows. Here are the do it yourself instructions for making an alignment friendly pillow.

Cut out two pieces of fabric about 12 X 18.  However, you can make it any size.


Fold a piece of batting in half and cut it ½ inch smaller than your fabric.

Place a piece of fabric on top and underneath the batting and sew around the corners.

Add a few stitches in the middle to keep the batting in place.


Now when my kiddos lay their heads down at night, their necks stay in good alignment. My cause against pillows has made the most impact on the fluid build-up that my son always used to have in his ears.   After a few weeks of using his new alignment pillow, he has no fluid in his ears.

Pillows are a part of our culture, so by making my own for my children they are still “normal” and aligned.

Here are my twins Ellianna and Elsa trying them out.


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