My Favorite Psoas Releases

The following five minute video blogs shows two of my favorite psoas stretches. I’m finding that the psoas is a crucial muscles for functional health of the body–meaning, that if you want your body to perform at is best the psoas must be soft supple and healthy. For many Americans, our psoas are the exact opposite. Sitting is one of the big contributors to an unhealthy psoas.

If you are a rib thruster, meaning your lower ribs move forward when you raise and lower your arms, the second half of this video will be very important for you. In addition, if you have a diastasis recti releasing the upper psoas is also very important in healing this abdominal injury. When we push or thrust the lower ribs forward it pulls the two sides of the rectus abdominal muscles apart which sets us on the path to develop a diastasis.

Lastly, those of you with adrenal fatigue. These releases are so wonderful for slowing down the body and de-stressing.  In addition, they give the adrenals a rest.

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