The Shoes of a Princess

I bet you looked at this photo and said, “Aren’t those so cute!”
Yes, they may be cute shoes, but I do not like them. I wish those cute little shoes were not something my three little girls like, but they do. Why the dislike?

First, I find it odd that when a little girl puts these on, we (adults) say, “Aren’t you pretty.” Why do we automatically say this? Hidden behind this is a message that is telling my little girls that they are only pretty when they wear these shoes. I have never heard an adult say, “Why, aren’t you pretty” to a little girl whose feet are bare. To me, the bare foot is absolutely amazing. However, I am so guilty of praising my girls for their beauty only when they get all dolled up—meaning high heels and dresses.
Second, high heels are impossible to walk in at any age. My husband and I hate watching our girls walk in these “pretty” shoes. Most of the time, they take three steps, which really are more like shuffles, and then they fall down. They can’t walk in them at all. We often tell them to take them off before they twist their ankles. The shoes are terribly slippery on anything other than carpet. Even my 5-year-old can’t successfully walk in these shoes. Her gate (how she walks) is totally thrown off and her walk becomes an uncoordinated shuffle.
Thirdly, these shoes mess up a person’s alignment. The little lift of the heel pushes the pelvis forward, throws off the spine, and changes the weight distribution on one’s feet, to name only a fraction of the negative impacts of high heels on a person’s body.

So, why are these shoes in my house? Because my daughters like them. Not a great reason, but it is the reason. I’ve also noticed that they only wear these shoes for less than a minute once or twice a day and then abandon them. I think my girls intuitively know that the shoes may be cute, but they are not practical and they just slow you down when you have a sibling to chase around.

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