Adrenal Fatigue 101

Two years ago I discovered the source of many of my health issues such as extreme fatigue, chronic muscle soreness/tension, yeast infections, irritability and lack of desire/motivation–adrenal fatigue.  As I have journeyed through the last 2 years of healing and managing my adrenals many people have asked me more about my experience with adrenal fatigue.  So, I decided to share my story with each of you along with tips and tools that I’ve found along the way to bring health and healing to my body.

In the one hour call recording below, I discuss the following:

  • My story
  • Background on adrenal fatigue and how it can impact people’s health
  • Role of food/stimulants
  • Self-care
  • The importance of listening to your body
  • Yoga poses that can negatively affect the adrenals
  • Q & A


Listen to Christina’s story below.


In the recording I mention the placement of the rib cage and the psoas.  Here are some additional resources to learn more the ribs, the psoas, practicing self care and how I have combated adrenal fatigue.

My Favorite Psoas Release

Combating My Adrenals

Releasing Your Psoas

Practicing Self-Care


Lastly here are a few resources that have been very helpful to me:

Underground Wellness – Rethinking Adrenal Fatigue  (This recording made its way into my inbox right after I finished my live adrenal call.  As I listened to it I really began to grasp the importance of self care.)


Any information in this blog post is  not a replacement for medical care or advice. Please consult a trained medical provider when needed.

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2 Responses to Adrenal Fatigue 101

  1. Monica Bovinich says:

    This was great insight! I’m learning so much from what you shared.

  2. Jane Reed says:

    So much helpful information! Thank you so much for sharing!

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