Alignment & Pose Breakdown – Chair Pose

I have been a yoga for over 14 years. For 13 years, I have not liked chair pose. As a yoga teacher, I would force myself to teach this pose to my students, because I simply never liked practicing it. The reason I didn’t like it so much is because my legs would get tired in the pose very quickly. However, in this last year I’ve learned a new way of doing chair pose that has made me fall in love with chair pose. I know practice it often in addition to practicing squats on an almost daily basis. And the best part of all this, is my new love for chair pose and squats is helping repair my diastasis.

Take eight minutes and try this new variation to chair pose. Let me know what you think.

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Believer that anyone at any age and with any abilities can move their body. Foot & Core Expert. Alignment Nerd. Yoga/Fitness Instructor & Trainer. Mother of 4 active children.
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3 Responses to Alignment & Pose Breakdown – Chair Pose

  1. Becky Proctor says:

    Eight minutes well spent. Thanks you, Christina.

  2. Maria says:

    Thank you for this demo. Chair pose kills me, but this I can do. And after reading Natural Posture Solutions by Kathleen Porter I realized I tuck my pelvis (terrible for the back) and this chair pose will help me unlearn that bad habit. Thanks again.

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