Call Upon the Lord – Chair/Senior Holy Yoga Experience

Holy Yoga is experiential worship specifically created to deepen your connection to Christ. For some people they feel this connection with Christ while fishing or hiking or signing. Worship of God can take many forms.

Moving the body while in worship stirs something deep within. For me and many others, that is when they can feel the Lord the best.

Take ten minutes and worship the Lord this morning in the comfort of your own chair. He desires to meet with you.

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Believer that anyone at any age and with any abilities can move their body. Foot & Core Expert. Alignment Nerd. Yoga/Fitness Instructor & Trainer. Mother of 4 active children.
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One Response to Call Upon the Lord – Chair/Senior Holy Yoga Experience

  1. Sandy says:

    Fascinating idea. Most people I talk to think yoga is inherently pagan – but boy does this put a fresh spin on things!

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