Restore Your Body with Aligning Your Pelvis

As we journey through an understanding of proper alignment, we cannot bypass addressing the alignment of the pelvis. The pelvis in an integral part of the body, housing many of our major organs. When the pelvis is not in proper alignment, it will affect the efficiency of our liver, kidneys, adrenals, bladder, uterus, colon, stomach, and intestines.

Most of the time, these organs are being compressed due to the massive amount of time we sit, and how we sit. We often don’t notice how this compression takes a toll on our bodies for decades.

To understand how to properly align the pelvis, watch this short video.



Chairs are one of top adversaries to proper pelvic alignment. Right now, get up from reading this blog and go sit in all the chairs in your house (even your couch). What happens to your pelvis? Are you able to come into proper alignment as described in the video above?

If your goal is to reclaim your body, it may mean reorganizing the furniture in your house. Sounds drastic and bold to have to get rid of a perfectly good couch because it causes you to round your pelvis when you sit in it, but think about the flip side…what if getting a different couch or having no couch at all meant bringing your uterus into alignment, thus reducing the painful monthly cramps you get. Would it be worth it then?

If you aren’t ready to swap furniture, maybe you are willing to sit on the floor instead of a chair. Or maybe you can try standing more than sitting.



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One Response to Restore Your Body with Aligning Your Pelvis

  1. Heather Johnson says:

    Your wisdom is a gift!!!

    A question about on the floor – so when doing core exercises and we are told, press your low back into the floor….how does that work? Is that wrong?

    Thanks so much 🙂


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