Restoring Foot Health – Week 1: Foundation & Alignment

This month Holy Yoga Ministries is kicking off a campaign called Back To Basics on Instagram (@holyyogaministries) and Facebook.

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All month long I will be joining them in this campaign via Instagram (@christinamroz) and Facebook as well.  In addition, over the next four weeks I will be walking through the basics of foot health via my blog.

This week our focus is on the foundation and alignment of our feet.  Proper foot alignment is the key to healthy knees, back and even digestion and reproduction.   Take ten minutes to watch the video below as we journey Back to Basics.


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Believer that anyone at any age and with any abilities can move their body. Foot & Core Expert. Alignment Nerd. Yoga/Fitness Instructor & Trainer. Mother of 4 active children.
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2 Responses to Restoring Foot Health – Week 1: Foundation & Alignment

  1. Becky Proctor says:

    Great information and so simple!
    Looking forward to next week.

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