Restoring Foot Health – Week 2: All About Toes

Last week we launched a series called Back to Basics which features information on how to restore the foot health of your feet.  Our focus for week one was the importance of proper foot alignment and how it influences the knees, back and entire body.   If you missed last week’s post, that is ok, you can read it now.

This week our focus is on the toes.  The toes play a critical role in overall health.  Take a moment and stand up tall without any shoes on.  Look at your toes.  Are you toes gripping the floor?  If they are, that is an indication some type of dysfunction in your body.  We often grip the toes to stabilize the body, instead of using the proper muscle to create stabilization.

For those of you who suffer from bunions or plantar fasciitis, this video blog is a must watch.  In addition, plantar fasciitis suffers may find the following video by Spread Your Toes to be very helpful.  More and more research is surfacing that the toes play a huge role in plantar fasciitis.



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