Restoring Healthy Feet: Week 4 – Impact of Shoes on Foot Health

It is our final week of going Back to the Basics of foot health.  I hope that you are still practicing the principles of alignment from week 1.  One of the quickest and best ways to restore your foot health is to practice good alignment of the feet as much as possible.  During week 2, we talked about the impact of toes in foot health and how we can move our toes in such a way to reduce bunions and the painful effects of plantar fasciitis.  Then we moved into talking about the arches of our feet during week 3.  Many people wear orthotics or inserts in their shoes because of arch related issues; however, most arch issues can be alleviated by simply learning how to strengthen the muscles that create our arches.

This week we are going to talk about shoes.  A person’s foot health will only be as good as the shoes they wear on their feet.  Many people wear shoes all day long.  Even children are encouraged to wear shoes before the bones of their feet have stopped growing.  Shoes play a huge role in reducing the functionality of our feet.  Good shoe choices are extremely important if you want to minimize or “cure” foot related issues.

In the following video, I will give you tips about purchasing shoes that promote foot health.  The most healthy foot will actually be those that DO NOT wear shoes, however in our society that is not realistic. Therefore, finding shoes that promote the most foot health is key.

In a few days I will be posting another blog about my journey in renovating my shoes from unhealthy ones to shoes that promote better health for my feet.



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  1. Jen Edwards says:

    Great blog Christina – Thank you!

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