Align Your Shoulder – Restore Your Body

I have been dealing with shoulder and neck tension for over 10 years.  About 2 years ago, I was getting migraines due to all the chronic tension, along with always having constant pain in my shoulders.  Thankfully, I have discovered how to align my shoulders differently which has restored my entire body.  I no longer get migraines, I no longer have chronic shoulder pain, I no longer need to sleep with a pillow at night and I rarely have neck related pain.

The alignment of ones shoulders not only plays a role in the things I mentioned above but it also plays a role in a diastasis, wrist issues/pain and elbow issues/pain.  The body is a unit that works together so whatever the shoulders are connected to, can and are affected.

The below video shares how to align your shoulders without using the cue “draw your shoulders down and back” along with tips on how to effectively stretch your shoulders.

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