Get your Butt Back

I’m a people watcher. When I watch people I am usually looking at their alignment and the dysfunctions that I can see in how they hold their body. One of the things that I am noticing over and over is that people are missing their butt’s. People’s pants sag down, their butts are flat instead of being round.

As I learn more about proper functioning of the body the more I learn about the butt.  If I were to pick 3 key areas of the body to work on daily it would be the feet, the core and the butt.

In my first blog post about the butt (glutes), I listed how important they are for correct alignment (posture) and how they are a key player in restoring a diastasis.  (Read Glutes – A Key Player in a Healthy Body now.)

The video blog below includes some of my favorite ways to strengthen your backside and build a nice rounded butt. You don’t need to do all these exercises everyday, just pick out 1 or 2 to do each day. We are all busy people; however this work should only take about 2-3 minutes of your time. Plus, this information can translate into how you get in and out of chairs and on and off the toilet, which will bring exercise into your daily life—and anytime you can do, the healthier you will be.

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Believer that anyone at any age and with any abilities can move their body. Foot & Core Expert. Alignment Nerd. Yoga/Fitness Instructor & Trainer. Mother of 4 active children.
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