Healthy Feet Tip #1



April is National Foot Health Awareness Month, so throughout the month I will be sharing tips on how to create or maintain healthy feet.

Healthy Feet Tip #1 is don’t wear shoes in your home, that includes slippers as well.  Allow your feet to move freely while at home.  Taking off your socks will bring even greater benefit to the health of your feet, so slip those off too if possible.

Having your feet be barefoot allows for freedom in the toes, bones, muscles, ligaments and skin.  This freedom is crucial for balance, proprioception (how your body sense where you are) and arthritis.

Note: if you always wear something on your feet when at home, you might want to start out slowly. Simply allow your feet to be barefoot in your home for an hour and then gradually increase the time being barefoot.

healthy feet tip 1

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