Healthy Feet Tip #10


For years, I have been pampering my feet with oils. Every night before going to bed , I rub olive oil with a few drops of lavender into the bottoms of my feet. This leaves my feet feeling smooth and soft.

In addition, when taking a shower, I make sure to rub my feet with a pumice stone to get rid of any rough spots.pamper feet

Taking care of your feet is not just about wearing proper shoes and exercising your feet, but also about how you nourish your skin.


How to Make Massage Oil for Your Feet:

  • Find a glass bottle that closes securely as olive oil can stain clothing.
  • Pour olive oil into it (it can be plain olive oil, no need for extra virgin).
  • Add a few drops of your favorite essential oils into the oil (I love lavender from Young Living as it promotes relaxation).



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