Healthy Feet Tip #7

Notice the position of your feet at various times during the day. When you look at them, are they parallel?  Or parallel feetare both feet turned out? Or one foot turned out? Are the legs parallel or do you stand with a hip popped out?

Awareness is the first step is correcting foot alignment. Don’t try to correct anything just yet; just notice your natural habits.

Here is what we found in my household when looking at the alignment of our feet.

feet parallel

Notice how my hip is popped out to create a “shelf” to hold my daughter. In creating this type of “shelf,” it requires me to shift my hips and alter the alignment of my feet (see how one foot turns out to keep me balanced).

Notice how my feet are not pelvic-distance apart. My feet are actually too close together.  Women commonly stand like this (with feet too close together); this is one reason why women are more prone to get osteoporosis. When you stand with you feet too close together, it does not allow for the bones of the legs to stack properly, thus resulting in the bones not getting adequate stimulate to promote bone growth and strength.


This is one of my children. Notice how both toes turn out, but the left (your right) turns out even more. The front of the foot is actually pelvic-distance apart, but the heels are not at all.  To correct this stance, my child would need to turn her heels out.

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