Healthy Feet Tip #9

Massage is a wonderful way to awaken the feet by releasing fasciahealthy feet tip (connective tissue that stabilizes and encloses muscles) and increasing blood flow. This also allows for you to loosen up places of tension caused by improper alignment and overuse of certain muscles groups.

Using a golf ball is a great way to massage the feet. However, if you suffer from lots of pain in your feet, you may want massage your feet with a tennis ball instead.  As your feet start to open up more, then you can use a golf ball.

When using a golf ball, you can add more or less pressure by placing more or less of your weight onto the ball. Remember to listen to your body as you go and honor the places of tension.

Below is a video where I share some golf ball rolling massage techniques as developed by the MELT Method.

Massage Your Feet With a Golf Ball – fast forward to minute 8

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