Christina’s Testimony of Restoring Healthy Feet:

In 2002, I was referred to a podiatrist because the medical team and physical therapist I was working with thought my feet may be the cause of my hip and back issues.  I was 21 at the time.  I had been suffering from back issues since I was 17.

The Dr. said I had falling arches and fitted me with hard plastic orthotics.  I faithfully wore them.  Almost 2 years later, I started taking yoga classes from a woman who introduced me to exercises to strengthen and stretch my feet.  I did the foot exercises every day.   Eventually my orthotics stated to bother me, especially my left ankle—to his day it still cracks terribly.  I then decided to ditch the orthotics and surprisingly my feet felt so much better and my ankles and knees were not giving me so many problems either.  So $500 worth of orthotics are in a landfill somewhere—sorry mom and dad, but thanks for paying for them at the time.  Since 2003, I have not had any problems with my feet.  The only time my feet bother me is if I wear high heels—which are mini torture chambers for anyone’s feet.

My experience with restoring my feet created a deep passion within me for feet.  This year (2012) I become a certified Healthy Foot Practitioner™ through the Restorative Institute.  My goal is to help others restore the health of their feet so that falling arches or foot pain does not need to be a common problem in their life.

Common Questions & Answers

What training does Christina have?  To learn more about Christina and her background, click HERE.

How are payments made? Payments can be made in cash or check.  Payments are due the first lesson.  Checks can be written out to Complete Motions LLC.  Special arrangements can also be made if needed.  We do not want money to be a barrier to seeking health and wholeness.

Are results guaranteed?  No.  Results greatly depend upon your dedication to getting better and seeking health in mind, body, and soul.  Christina will do her best to help you get better; however the outcome is really up to you.

How do I sign up for Restoring Healthy Feet lessons? You can email (chrisitna@completemotions.com) or call at 507-923-5558 to sign up.

Where do the lessons take place? All lessons will be held in Somerset, WI or via Skype.


Restoring Healthy Feet Program:

  • 1 hour initial evaluation, access to on-line exercise videos, and materials and exercises prescribed for restoring your foot health
  • 30 minute follow up appointment 1 month after your initial appointment
  • Access to Fix Your Feet DVD by Aligned and Well

Fee: $30

Optional Fee: The book Every Woman’s Guide to Foot Pain Relief: The New Science of Healthy Feet by Katy Bowman. Available on Amazon.com

Testimonials from Clients:

Just a quick email to let you know how much better my heels and feet feel…I am back to my speed walking and reg routine pain free. I find myself thinking about my feet and doing the strength exercises at odd time during my day…even at work when I am just standing around…such a great outcome from our meeting. Thank you! –Nancee, MN

I would like to express my gratitude to Christina Mroz for her session with me on foot therapy. I was taught by her different ways to relax and strengthen my foot by returning my toes to their normal anatomical position and strengthen my foot muscles without going thru unnecessary doctor visits.  -Josie, MN

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