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Conquering a Rounded Spine – Shoulder and Psoas Releases

Computers, reading and desks all cause us to round forward creating tight shoulders and a tight psoas.  Practicing daily shoulder openers and psoas releases are really important to combat our current “rounding forward” lifestyle. The following video includes some really … Continue reading

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Adrenal Fatigue 101

Two years ago I discovered the source of many of my health issues such as extreme fatigue, chronic muscle soreness/tension, yeast infections, irritability and lack of desire/motivation–adrenal fatigue.  As I have journeyed through the last 2 years of healing and … Continue reading

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My Favorite Psoas Releases

The following five minute video blogs shows two of my favorite psoas stretches. I’m finding that the psoas is a crucial muscles for functional health of the body–meaning, that if you want your body to perform at is best the … Continue reading

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Combating My Adrenals Issues

In the last two years, I have learned a lot about how stress and poor lifestyle habits impact my adrenal system. (If you missed my first blog about adrenal fatigue, check it out here.) Here are some of the things … Continue reading

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Practicing Self-Care

“We belong to a world where self care is almost unnoticed. We’re taught to think less of ourselves. Our hearts are the first thing to be sacrificed in a busy day. We get that. Life happens. But we want more … Continue reading

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I’m Too Tired

In May of this year, I discovered that I had adrenal problems. Adrenal problems are brought on by chronic stress. It is estimated that all Americans have some type of adrenal issues because of the severe amount of stress we … Continue reading

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