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Restoring Foot Health – Week 2: All About Toes

Last week we launched a series called Back to Basics which features information on how to restore the foot health of your feet.  Our focus for week one was the importance of proper foot alignment and how it influences the … Continue reading

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Restoring Foot Health – Week 1: Foundation & Alignment

This month Holy Yoga Ministries is kicking off a campaign called Back To Basics on Instagram (@holyyogaministries) and Facebook.           All month long I will be joining them in this campaign via Instagram (@christinamroz) and Facebook … Continue reading

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Combat Knee Locking

Awhile ago, I wrote a blog about being a chronic knee locker, meaning my knee caps (patella) are continually lifted and locked into place by over engagement of my quadriceps.   One of the biggest reasons for this imbalance is … Continue reading

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Knee Locker

I am a compulsive knee locker. I am also a compulsive knee bender. Does this confuse anyone else, or is it just me?  I thought that the way to prevent locking your knees was to softly bend your knees; however, … Continue reading

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