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Reclaiming your Core – Bridge Work

Bridge work is something that many of us have probably done somewhere along the way to strengthen our core.  However, bridge work is only effective for the if done properly. Here are a few tips for doing bridge work properly: … Continue reading

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Just Hold It

If I asked you to hold “it” (the “it” I’m referring to is your need to go to the bathroom) for three hours, could you do it? Some of you might say yes, but only if you greatly sacrificed your … Continue reading

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Let’s Talk Pelvic Floor

Pelvic floor health is something I have had a passion for ever since the birth of my first child. After my daughter’s birth, my pelvic floor was just not the same. Jumping and trampolines made me nervous.   At my … Continue reading

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Dealing with Pubic Pain

Through the Pre-/Post-Natal Holy Yoga Instructor Training, I often am asked about pubic symphsis pain. This is caused when the pelvis moves apart during pregnancy to allow the head of a baby to move through the pelvis. For most women, … Continue reading

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