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Align Your Shoulder – Restore Your Body

I have been dealing with shoulder and neck tension for over 10 years.  About 2 years ago, I was getting migraines due to all the chronic tension, along with always having constant pain in my shoulders.  Thankfully, I have discovered … Continue reading

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Restore Your Shoulders

How many of you experience an ache in the middle of your upper back on a daily basis?  Or how many of you struggle with keeping your shoulders back, they just always seem to be rolled forward? If this describes … Continue reading

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Ditch Your Pillow Challenge

I don’t like history. Just not really my thing, but I do enjoy finding out how random things got to be so common place in our lives. For example, I once read a book about the evolution of the chair. … Continue reading

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Sleep Experiment

How many pillows do you have in your house? We have four on our couch upstairs, three on our couch downstairs, my oldest daughter has two pillows on her bed, but only uses one, my husband uses two pillows (one … Continue reading

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